The majority of our flying sites are situated within the Sierra Nevada region and the Almijaras mountains offering great thermal flying with xc potential. Based on the coast we also have the added advantage of several local coastal flying sites.

Paragliding hotel California
Paragliding hotel California
Paragliding hotel California


Coastal Flying Sites

Sierra Nevada


One of our more popular and regular flying sites. Only half an hour drive from our base towards Granada. This site offers spectacular views. On a good day you can see as far as the Atlas Mountains (Morocco). Getting above take off reveals beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada! For the more experienced pilot the right conditions offer the possibility of a challenging flight to the coast.
Take off: 900m
Landing: 500m

Peña Escrita (Almijaras)
A similar setting to the Otivar site.
Take off: 1200m
Landing: 600m

La Herradura

A five minute drive from the hotel California. Easy to fit in after a long day thermalling. Laminar sea breeze will keep flyers in the air, enjoying the spectacular landscape until sunset. The ridge runs from the village to the light house. Landing on a long beach where you can watch others land whilst enjoying a drink in the beach bar.
Take off: 80m
Landing: 0m

Cerro de Itrabo
Top to bottom (thermic).
Take off: 750m
Landing: 0m

Top to bottom (thermic/soaring).
Take off: 550m
Landing: 0m

Cenes de la Vega

At the foothills of the Sierra Nevada close to Granada about an hours drive from our base. Another of our regular flying sites offering easy take off and landing with great thermalling practice for all levels and some great xc potential for those up for it. Classical flights from here are: Sierra Nevada to the sea / Sierra Nevada to Guadix / Sierra Nevada to Sierra Nevada (out and return).
Take off: 1300m
Landing: 750m

Take off: 1600m
Landing: 400m

Take off: 1200m
Landing: 550m

More about the geographical position of Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is located near the city of Granada (31 km), in Southern Spain, in the autonomous region of Andalusia. The mountain range has 20 peaks of over 3,000 metres whose northern faces are snow-covered throughout the winter season. The main peaks are Mulhacén, the highest summit in the Iberian Peninsula, (3.481 m) and Pico Veleta (3.470 m). The range streches from east to west for over 100 kms.

More about the infrastructure / safety

  • There is a heliport and health centre in Sierra Nevada.
  • There is also a helicopter stationed permanently at the main hospital in Granada.
  • There are several major hospitals in Granada.
  • A specialised mountain rescue team is located in Sierra Nevada (Guardia Civil de Montaña).